10 Magazines You Should Read As A College Student

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Magazines Perfect for College Students

1. Sports Illustrated Magazine
Both men and women college students who are sports inclined will love this magazine. It caters to different sports news, history, articles, and the latest trends in the world of sports.
2. Entrepreneur
This magazine is made so that students and other people can have ideas and updates in the business world. This contains helpful articles that students can learn from in case they want to start a business.
3. The New Yorker
If you would like to have a weekly issue that can be read online and offline, then this is the magazine you need. Expect a long-form of writing style, because the topics are intricate and exceptional.
4. Esquire
Many students know that this magazine is one of the most impressive literary heritages in the industry. They have evolved to long-form throughout the years and feature non-fiction excerpts.
5. The Atlantic
Students and adults would certify this magazine as it has proven its reputation with some awards back in time. The spot-on commentary section of the magazine is one of their winning parts in the magazine.
6. Paste
This magazine is featuring movies, music, television, games, books, drinks, politics, and many more. This can only be found online as their printed copy is still in progress.
This magazine is a work of brilliant minds because it covers collections of love letters, collection stubs, poetry written in napkins, birthday cards, homework’s, and many more.
8. Wooden Toy Quarterly
This is definitely an indie magazine that focuses on culture and the arts. They have fresh ideas and a unique style of writing. This can be found online, and the magazine itself is an artwork that every reader will be amazed with.
9. Forbes Magazine
College students who will read this magazine will always find new and interesting content inside. They cover technology, business, investing and entrepreneurship, lifestyles wherein most students will be inspired.
10. The Wall Street Journal
Every college student would enjoy reading this, especially if they are into business. The magazine covers international news and trends that are focused on business and finance.
These are the ten magazines that every college student should read because it covers different fields, sectors, and industries of the society that they can learn a lot from.

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