Snapshot: Autumnal toast

This week’s Seattle snapshot from AJ Dent.


In this opal October air
may we grab at the last glimpses
of sun til it runs
down our knuckles between our fingers
like egg yolk, the thin shell of summer
broke as a joke. May we slam batons
against buckets for beats, examine
with tongue every bite
we eat, twirl
because breathing is still free,
sort of. May we shove
our arms down flannel sleeves
and laugh from within
explosions of leaves. May we
Peter Pan. May we press
our lips against the ground
and inhale
as hard as we can.

AJ Dent is a Seattle-based blogger and photographer. She currently writes copy for GeekGirlCon. For more from AJ, see our website.

October 16, 2013

Release TBC – the ‘fun and games’ issue.

Including: a vision of a nuclear explosion during London’s Olympics; interviews with artist Joshua Seidner, games maker James Wallis, and the anonymous author of Chameleon on a Kaleidoscope.

Plus: poetry from Will Nicoll, and prints from Rap Coloring Book.

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