Snapshot: Inclined

AJ Dent gives us a snapshot from the streets of Seattle, Washington, in the form of a poem and photo, every week.


When you’re walking uphill in August
on your way to a Craigslist camera

it gets you thinking about where else
you could be, I guess. Not just north

or south, back home or on another continent.
We’re talking about being penniless,

without wifi, clean pillows almost
unheard of. I’m sweating and late

to meet this stranger, hoping the ATM
kicked out enough cash for him

because I didn’t count it, just ran
out of the gas station to catch my bus

which dropped me off over a mile away
from this wealthier part of town where

people upgrade from Nikons.
The city spreads its arms to me as if

I’m leaving, not just walking slightly outside
of my usual realm, and it wants me back.

The city spreads its legs to me like
a book splitting open or a seagull

stoned on salty air taking off from a pier.
Even squinting I can’t quite see my neighborhood

but in the oil of the cars below I can smell
its hot dogs and hookers so even here

I feel at home. When I reach the condos,
my text brings the DSLR seller to his door

and we exchange handshakes, batteries,
geeky grins over concert photography.

We’re so nervous and excited he nearly
forgets the lens and I, the money
in my pocket, weeks’ worth of Ramen,

things I couldn’t afford a year ago
and, honestly, still can’t, but now

is when I must live and capture life,
walk back down the bridge staring

at every single vehicle navigating into
or out of this veiny heart. I blow past

the bus stop with this new creature
breathing hard in my hands, its eye

snapping every step from hilltop
to highway. I hope it doesn’t consider me

a downgrade.


AJ Dent is a Seattle-based blogger and photographer. She currently writes copy for GeekGirlCon. For more from AJ, see our website.

October 3, 2013

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