Street snapshot: Dull Knives

Each week, AJ Dent sends a snapshot from the streets of Seattle, Washington, in the form of a poem and photo. Here’s the latest.


We know to announce what we’re on
within thirty seconds of rendezvousing.
Before we can clear out brainspace
to come to conclusions on
your case of ex sex, biking or busing
to the grunge show, and where
we want to wake up tomorrow, first

come the chemical declarations
of how little sleep, what dosage of pills,

whether whiskey or tequila, if now-legal
plants are involved,

the last time we got laid
the last time we got off,


level of the phone call to our moms,
the audiences eating our art
and their weekly attitudes, just how late

our bills will get paid
this month. We status-check this list

as we change into our night costumes,
scorpions dropping shells that
don’t quite fit post-sunset,
skirts on the floor as we slide into
jean-shorts and activate glowsticks.

We can keep this up forever. We juggle
lovers like dull knives – carefully,

but not too carefully. Let them meet
one another on the street and smile

because no one is hurt and we’re not

decaying, scars mean sex, stories
to tell when we’re bent over with age which
will never happen of course, there’s no way

this prescription cocktail hurts beyond
morning, no way these wrinkles will spread, no
way we’ll dull, we know all the
hangover cures and quick fixes and free piles

around town and there’s no way they won’t work,

no way we’ll become those parting ways. And
even if we do, we’ll pick up pen and pipe,
don dresses. Squint at the sun til we adjust
or just drop.


AJ Dent is a Seattle-based blogger and photographer. She currently writes copy for GeekGirlCon. For more from AJ, see our website.

August 28, 2013

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