Street Snapshot: Over the Underpass

Each week, AJ Dent sends a snapshot from the streets of Seattle, Washington, in the form of a poem and photo. Here’s the latest.


There’s fruit nigh on the highway
should you need it. Plastic bags
are abundant, despite the ban
on ‘em. And dumpster diving
in this city? Hell, it’s like winning
The Price Is Right every time
you take the plunge.

Found these shoes on Third Ave.
The hat’s from some unlucky
tourist caught by surprise in
the Sound’s salty winds.
My backpack, though, now
that’s something different:
a gift from my mom before
I dropped out of high school
and ran like hell. She thought

it’d keep me in class; never knew
I viewed it as the perfect escape
accessory. Yeah, I think about
those casseroles and crisp
bedsheets sometimes, the way
she’d light up when I agreed
to go grocery shopping with her,
carry the heavy stuff inside.

But I can’t dwell on all that.
If I’d stayed, I would’ve ended
it all just like my dad did.
Knocking up some chick
and kicking back the bottle?
Judge me for my underpass
shelter, sure, but there’s no gun
singing my name just yet.

These socks aren’t wet today.
I’ve found a few recyclable cans
that’ll equal cents and less trash
for children at the park to see.
Someday I’ll return home
a medical marijuana millionaire,
but for now, this crop of bush berries
is begging to be picked.


AJ Dent is a Seattle-based blogger and photographer. She currently writes copy for GeekGirlCon. For more from AJ, see our website.

September 4, 2013

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