We all have dreams in life right?

We have something in life to complete to feel satisfied? Some point in our life we have thought about what we're going to be in the future some work very hard to make their dreams come to reality some just give up and don't push for their dreams. Everyone at some point starts thinking about their dreams especially for young kids up older teens even when your an adult, the pressure comes on you when your in high school you got to stay on top of your grades all the time if not you won’t be able to graduate. Everyone has a dream you can make that dream come true if you work hard and don’t give up even if your at your lowest point when you feel it’s not possible. High school students pursue their dreams because they want to make a better life for themselves. So in the future they can support themselves and their future family.
Everyone wants to be something to support themselves; Throughout high school, students start thinking about what there going to do in the future to support themselves. Everyone has a goal in some point of their life, but you have to believe in yourself to complete that goal.There's little goals to complete that could be easy to complete and then there's also big goals that are easy to complete. In The will and ways of hope by Scott Barry Hoffman he says “Hope, self efficacy, and optimism are all incredibly important expectations and contribute to the attainment of goals. Even though they all involve expectations about the future, they are subtly, and importantly different from each other”. To achieve your goals you have to believe in yourself and have so much hope for yourself because without it your not going to get near your goal. You have to create expectations for yourself even if there tough to complete that's where the optimism comes in where you think of the things you will accomplish if you believe in yourself, it puts you in the right mindset. Having people by your side pushing you to do better will help you complete that goal.If you set your mind set it and not give up y 5f ou will complete that goal if you have the energy for it. Many people think of being the richest where it comes to fame or having a really good job now a days, as well some other people just want their dream job to start off their life and support themselves where to someday maybe in the future can be able support loved ones too. In the article Winning Big; Dreaming of the lottery by Katie Canales it says “ Winning such a large sum of money is an unsustainable high, and that winners should not let the prize money dictate how their lives change”. Everyone loves money, everyone wants to be rich money could change a lot people on the way they act and make you where not a lot of people like you anymore. This quote is explaining no matter how much money you have that being a lot of money it doesn't have to change you , you can be the same person with money but not turn you fake. Having knowledge on setting up for your future is key thinking how your going to do what your going to do and having a plan for your future will help you complete that big goal you have. Most people don't put much effort into completing that goal and just put the work for that goal to the side and procrastinate. In the article No Dream Is Impossible by Julia Adams it says “That part of me seemed to know that no matter how difficult achieving my goal might be, or even if I never achieved it, I would be happier striving toward my dream than if I tried to find security in a life I was unsuited for. This knowledge and quiet surety came from within me, and yet seemed to have its source far beyond the comprehension of my wavering and indecisive personality”. Knowing that your not trying hard to complete your goal won't make you feel good and makes you have regrets more on into your life thinking I should have done the work for it. If you work very hard to achieve that goal and still can't achieve its will be good to know that you gave it your all and still can.
Everyone has a dream, some make that dream come true and some don't, unfortunately. Believing in yourself and working hard for it will help that big dream come true for those that are working hard for it. Young kids up to young adults have pressure onto them by keeping their grades up, going to school, and homework. Whatever your dream is, you can make it become a reality by believing and not giving up.
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